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My panties 💕

To all my panties lover, i’m here to tell you that I decided to never wear daily pads again. (except on my period haha 😂)

I discovered that my vagina doesn’t get any fresh air when I wear them so from now on I would let my pussy juices just go free and maybe I should sell some of them to you. of course only The pretty ones😉

So… as you can see my juices are white which is good, that means I’m healthy and keep on it clean 🧼 I heard that pineapple makes your pussy taste good so I thought to myself, maybe I should drink more pineapple juice before i wear my good panties and then I can post them here, and if you want you can buy them.

The most comfortable ones I have are those kind of tight and with lace it doesn’t go right up my ass, so it’s very comfortable even if I wear jeans 👖

But honestly, there is nothing more comfortable then a men’s boxers!

After sex I like to wear the boxers he just threw on the floor they also have his smell which I really like ☺️ okay so about those panties I wore them for 12 hours I went to work came home watch some Netflix and I hope you like it! I recommend putting them on your face 😘❤️‍🔥😈

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