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Thank you all

I'm amazed by how much support I got from YOU, The buyers, you are amazing and you make me feel like I should keep going like this is a good idea. before I started this website I was really nervous, I didn't know if people just gonna judge me or if there's even someone who would want to buy my used clothes...

you guys make it all worth it! "it's a dirty job"

If you know what I mean. 😉

Wearing the same underwear or the same socks for days, I mean the minimum for me is 36 Hours.

Whenever I send a package, I make sure to give all the love to it, I only take off the underwear or socks when I'm sure they have the right smell and a little bit moist, if it's not moist it's not gonna stay smelly through the shipping process!!

So thank you! I really appreciate and


and don't forget to use your points whenever you buy something you get a discount for the next!!!!

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